Julie Giggles

Giggle Wiggle and Pop Party!

The 1 hour bumper party package

Julie Giggles

Julie Giggles is CRB checked, insured and a real hit with the children. We are delighted that after knowing Julie for over 15 years, she has officially joined our team at Bamboozled Entertainment.

"The show was fabulous, kept all the children and adults totally entertained and enthralled." - John Applegate


Julie Giggles will meet and greet all of the children, then sit them down to watch her amazing magic show. It lasts around 20 minutes and will have the children captivated from start to finish! There are lots of opportunities for the children to join in with the magic and "wiggle wiggle, laugh and giggle!" The children will not believe their eyes as they help bake real birthday buns from all sorts of funny ingredients! There is a special routine for the birthday child to come out and help and make a real live rabbit appear which all the children can stroke at the end!


Next, the children will wiggle and jiggle to all their favourite party dances! Julie Giggles will provide pop music and prizes and play some great party games. These are non elimination games so everybody will be included and entertained at all times!


Julie Giggles will make fantastic balloon models for all the children to take away with them such as butterflies, flowers, lazer guns and much more!

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The 2 hour party package

Julie Giggle's 2 hour package is full of fun, magic and Sparkle!

Julie Giggles
As the children arrive at the party, Julie will greet them and show them all how to plate spin. When all of the children have arrived they will all sit down to watch Julie Giggle's show. This is full of fun, magic and audience participation. They will make real fairy cakes by magic, the children (and parents) will be amazed when Julie Giggles makes a real white rabbit appear from no where! After the show the children can line up and stroke the rabbit, then wash their hands before sitting down for the special party tea.

While the children are eating, Julie Giggles will give every child a special face paint rainbow on their cheek. After Julie Giggles has made the birthday cake ceremony really special, and all the children have sang to the birthday child, its time for party games with music and prizes. These are all non-elimination games so no one is ever out and able to get into mischief! To finish the party, Julie Giggles will make modelling balloons for all the children.

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